Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot Mess Love

Peter Doherty is back to being my favourite hot mess lover after getting arrested for drug posession whilst leaving court after being let off for drug posession. The man is a genius.

Please marry me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drunk Texts

The good and bad thing about the iPhone is that it keeps a record of your conversations... sooooo, when you wake up in the morning, fully clothes (feat. shoes) on the floor you can peice together what happened the night before...

here are some classics from the past week.

sent: Om with ngks akwxoo
received: you are too drunk to type on your iphone! :)
sent: I deedo

sent: Im a folk legend, not some poor little rich girl. im bob dylan. no one messes with me
received: indeed. You're fantastic

received: you should probably come inside
sent: trying

sent: sorry i left baby si drunk andfitnin a car. dont hate me.

sent: whats the name of the woman off the bold and the bautiful who is old and goes places incognito?
sent: the crazy one

The new lego man is.....

Emily Valentines!!!!

hmm hmm.

Have you not seen them about.

Short hair. high waisted short denim shorts, dumb floral mini dress, t-shirt, waist coat, short hair.

So attractive. Pretty much on par as lego man.

Miss you high waisted light blue jeans/donna martin/david silver

good lord. its amazing. literally the best show that ever excisted (love you spelling)

look at these 90'a fashion evolving. its like a love story.

Sweet montage of Brenda Walsh (aka me)

Hmm Emily in ACTION (feat Brenda on dance)... scott really should have cooled it with the guns..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lots and lots of spagettttttti.

Tonight my roomie, the busiest man in rock and roll made us dinner.

Pasta. Sooooo much pasta.

We pretty much ate like monsters. Not unlike Aunty Jessie in Magical Mystery Tour

Eat up Aunty Jessie

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Its Britney Bitch

Last night i saw Britney Spears with my urban sister and my technology expert.
it was pretty much the greatest 2 or so hours of my life.
I cried. She was sitting on glittery umbrella in the air singing Every Time.
You would have cried too.
Britney is very thin, and really doesn't have "Britney Spears Legs"

This is what i wore. I look like Brenda Walsh.

look at this photo art of the stage.

Britney = The Love.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The greatest stand up in the world

Miss you Dubya

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miss You 90's Fashion

So french.... So Chic

Tonight, my friend Chloe (you should know her, she is kind of a big deal) and i watched French films and made cupcakes.

She made the cupcakes. I read a magazine and took photos. Im arty like that.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I heart Alfie

I had to give my new iPhone a name.
I called it Alfie.

Alfie has changed my life.

Can check facebook "on the go"

Am able to take photos of babes/faux pas

Is also an ipod (stores all my Bob Dylan)

Look, i took a photo of food I ate. How relevant.

My life has changed since i got Alfie.
My life is now complete.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I have been away for a week or so.

Soul searching, meditating, being a crazy bitch hot mess.

Im back.

And i have an iPhone.

Oy my?


Monday, October 19, 2009

triangles, squares and circles.

my internet has been shaped.

hope its been a made into a pleaseing shape.

not impressed.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Im running to court!

While i agree with my technology advisory Leigh, that I should be able to "do what i waaaant", I always think there are certain places that require a certain level of respect that comes from the outfit you choose to wear.

popping into court

Popping into court. I mean, you dont want to look like a hobo, but you also dont want to look like you are criminals dressing in an expensive suit trying to get a suspended sentance. Look inocent yet casual. After all, you are just popping in.


Sunday morning hangover/coffee ft. cigarette on front porch. Crossaint optional. You should dress nice here. You are in public, people can see where you live. You dont want to offend them. Enough said.


Going into work when you aren't working. While this should be avoided at all costs, if you do end up having to be there, wear someting flattering. Most work places require you to dress like you are neither attractive nor unattractive. blank of anything. Might as well show them that you aren't rotund.

Oh my(!)

As some people might know, Im not overly great with technology. iphones, pokemon, final fanstasy (music? video game?), complete failure as an adult. I do however have a twitter account. I dont really understand the point of it. Seems just like status update stalkage of people you dont know. Aparently this girl that I dont actually know deleted her twitter account. Im not really sure what she does to be honest. Something about Hannah Montana and her dad sung that song. anyway, looks like she is a rapper. might be in The Cheetah Girl(z) or something.

Looks like she isn't down with being famouse or something.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My glamerous life?

Today i dealt with bins 3 times.

3 times of rubbish distribution.

I kept hearing voices of adults from when i was a child telling me if i didn't get good grades in school id have to work as a garbage man/girl.

Its a pity i did get good grades/am smart, cos then i' could get all self pitying.

Paper? Plastic? Coffee Beans? Soy Milk?

My life is rad.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dinner time


Life is grim.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If only the goverment would endorse this.

When i was 15 and smoked a cigarette for the first time at a party, I liked to think i was channeling Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tinfanys. Last year, at the age of 20 when i started the ridiculous habbit again, it was alot more about channeling Bob.

Smoking makes you look cool.

Smoking makes you skinny.
Smoking is chic.

I mean, seriously. What more do you need for a pro smoking campaign?
More than likiely alot more effective than this would be

Please buy for me...

A motorbike.

Id be so tuff on a motorbike.

Could hoon to work like 20 minutes.

Traffic would be a thing of the past.

Would have excuse to wear cowboy/motorcycle boots every day.


Would need to learn how to ride first. Obvs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I wish I was....

Samantha Ronson.

She has real RayBans + LV luggage

Has the greatest job in the world - Genius club DJ.

Wears size tiny jeans.

Face does not age/mystery of science

Wrote + sung this song from mean girls.

But you're orange!!!

Fake tan. I dont understand. Why do these girls want to be orange??

Do they even realise they are orange?

Hmmm, so tropical....

Pale > Orange

Reasons i dont like festivals

Girls are orange

Men dont wear shirts

I am too little to see any bands.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

you make me wanna dance.

Tonight i went back on an epic adventure to 1999 and saw my favourite band in the whole world play.

So amazing

I totally danced at the side of the stage like a 14 year old groupie.

Have loved the Jebs for over a decade. Had this picture on my school file. Used to dream of marrying Chris.

Love you forever Jebediah. I missed you like a harpoon in my heart.