Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Soko not Moloko

My bed time is 530am. Before bed time, there are a few hours while my loves are asleep in which I must amuse myself. Tonight im listening to Soko and tying things around my head pretending to be her.

This is a lovely song

This one is even lovelier.

There is even a little bit of spanish to learn there too.


ps. I really want cowboy boots.

New Trend Alert (!)

If you are wearing denim short without bike pants/cut off stocking showing through, you need to be more hip!

Once again thank you for the beautiful people.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can I download this outfit? Please?

I wish you could download/get away with stealing outfits like music and movies on the internet. Imagin being able to rick click this in the morning.


Technology, please catch up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hobo... Hobo...

Today whilst parking my car at the licencing center, I was yelled at my a man from across the car park...
I didn't see the sign. It said:
so like, whatevs. The man was dressed like this

He drove a car that looked like this

Hobo's car is in better condition than mine.

It is probably karma from last night when I was saying loudly and drunkly in McDonalds at 4am how much I love hobos, whilst pointing at hobos chilling in McDonalds and rating them. Defs Karma.

Can't beleive hobo yelled at me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to look like Bob Dylan.

I know alot about Bob Dylan.He is a style icon.I wished every boy dressed like him.
Super style.

Is it very easy to look like Bob.

1) Be thin/short

2) Have dark messy curly hair

3) Wear tight skirts, skinny trousers and blazer

4) Choose dolka dots, stripes or all black ft. white

5) Pointy shoes are a must

6) Raybans

7) Smoke like chimney.

Even girls can dress like Bob:

polyvore technology. oh what an age we live in.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2nd level music progression.

I always thought I knew alot about music. That I had pretty good taste in what I listen to. Better than most other people. Apparently I'm wrong. There are styles of music that i have never heard of before. Hard EBM for example. I do not understand this Hard EBM. Much more of a jingle jangle fan myself.

Not goth enough. Just not goth enough.

It seems there are lots of different types of goths.

Fishnet Gloves Goths

Photo by Seiya23

Little Girl Goths

Clearly not goth.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I really need to learn new skills....

So I finally found my camera, charged my camera, found camera cable AND uploaded random photos that have been taken. Acheiving adult. And look what i notice.... turns out, not only can i not keep the room in which i sleep looking like an actual bedroom (heloooo junkie den) i also don't know how to clean either. Especially dusting.

Should buy some infomercial dream clean magic duster to sort out problems. All my record player cleaning dramas will be a thing of the past!

Note original 1987 MJ "Bad" vinyl. So authentic today.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Make me look skinny.

Am inspired for more weight loss via The Veronicas. Now, I know I once managed to get my friends into a party by claiming I was Jess Origliasso, however, as Mob Nonna as I am, a Veroncia I clearly am not. I wonder what they eat?? I can never decide who I like more, Lisa or Jess. I think Lisa, she has less tatoos. And Jess traded her sex black hair for blonde. Does not approve.

Photo via Sry85

This is me looking really thin and attractive like the Veroncias the other night. Note red wine and cake. Should have just pretended to drink red wine like the Veronicas in the picture I wanted to appear above...