Monday, September 28, 2009

I wish I was....

Samantha Ronson.

She has real RayBans + LV luggage

Has the greatest job in the world - Genius club DJ.

Wears size tiny jeans.

Face does not age/mystery of science

Wrote + sung this song from mean girls.

But you're orange!!!

Fake tan. I dont understand. Why do these girls want to be orange??

Do they even realise they are orange?

Hmmm, so tropical....

Pale > Orange

Reasons i dont like festivals

Girls are orange

Men dont wear shirts

I am too little to see any bands.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

you make me wanna dance.

Tonight i went back on an epic adventure to 1999 and saw my favourite band in the whole world play.

So amazing

I totally danced at the side of the stage like a 14 year old groupie.

Have loved the Jebs for over a decade. Had this picture on my school file. Used to dream of marrying Chris.

Love you forever Jebediah. I missed you like a harpoon in my heart.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Im an adult, y'all.

Last night i ruined my car tyre. Today I had to change the car tyre.

I have never changed a car tyre before, normally i would call brother/boyf/friend who is boy, however, today seemed like the day to man up, and become an adult.
I changed the tyre myself!



Luckily my super handy roomie was there to film and take photos.

So grown up. Should hire an intern.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adventures into the suburbs (again)

I have been going out into society alot more recently. Probably because I no longer work at the coal mine, and am no longer confined to the space in my junkie den. Should clean junkie den. Is getting Doherty-esque.

People in society are judgmental. My friend and I went to a sweedish themed chain resteraunt, where the waitressess wear cute hats. Our waitress seemed judgy. She asked if we were planning on sharing one meal. Perhaps its becasue my friend and I are so thin and attractive, practically models, she thought we wouldn't eat. Perhaps she thought we were poor....

Still, there are worst things that you be could mistakenly judged on other than being thin and poor. Rich and fat perhaps? Enough money to eat the whole world? Something to think about...

Baby, you're better than the last

Some more reasons why new job is better than old job

- am not required to wear apron

- free coffee

- weekly pay

- free parking
-magazines in staff room
- sex face boys on pilgramages.

Paris Chic

At the end of the year Im going to go and be chic in Paris, among other places.

Im planning on doing lots of painting, playing the harmonica on side of road + eating pastries

My favourite french person is Edith Piaf. I like that she had mob connections. She enjoyed her booze and painkillers. The original hot mess.

The original Lego Man

I think she would enjoy listening to Thursday with me. So much anguish.

So chic. Barbituate eyes ft drunkeness.

I hope to grow up to be Edith Piaf.

I want to enjoy having no regrets also.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Achieving Remedial?

Today I got a new job.

New job is already better than last job for following reasons.

- Uniform is all black and fitted

- I wont come home smelling like fish heads

- I wont have to deal with fish heads + hangover combination

- Is not soviet union.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Tonight I went out into society again. Mourning the loss of some good friends (heart breaks) there was a dinner out + arcade fun. A movie is also involved, but due to me having to go be a Chill Radio DJ, I had to leave early.

Have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution?

My friend Betty and I did.

It is a game that requires great skill.




Saturday, September 5, 2009

Costume Party.

Costume Partys. I have never been a fan myself. I really dont like being dictated to about what i should wear, and im the kinda person who tends to go out dressed like a communist/sailor/Slash! any way, just because im genius like that.

Its funny when you see people in society on the way to said costume party. You really need to sort everything out pre costume, otherwise you'll end up being Darth Vader buying a 6 pack at the bottle shop.

Its even better when you see people after their costume party out in the street absolutley outrageous. Or if a fight breaks out between outrageous costume people. Elvis vs Julius Ceaser - Round 2 FIGHT! etc.

Not that I can talk, drunken cowboy fool.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My unemployed life?

Q. What is the best thing that can happen in your remedial life?

A. Quitting the oppresssive globalised family corperation you work for.

Oh Mob Nonnas, I will miss you.

People im loving right now...

Sasha Cohen and Johnny Wier.

With The Kween, The Kwan, out of contention, my bet for the gold (2010 Olympics duhhh) is Sasha. I know, just know she is able to stay on her feet for 4.40. And Johnny, well, I know if i were to meet him, we would be BFFs forverrrrrrs. (like actually)

" I know Elvis Stojko was a big proponent for butching up men’s skating, but I have a hard time taking suggestions from a man who rocked purple pajamas in the Olympic Games and World championships."

Oh Johnny, I agree, Elvis shouldn't have worn that purple people eater suit and skated to music from tha Lion movie. ahhhg. Was totally going for Ilia Dreamboat anyway.

Johnny is so fashion. I know he is In2Fashion (via hipsterrunoff??) and you know my favourite quote

"i dont eat. i just dont do it"

of course, other than this

"That girl, I would buy her diamonds if I could afford it.”

Oh my! please be talking about me!!!

ok. then there is Sasha. My dear Sasha. If only you can keep your head together and your feet on the ice for 4.40, you WILL be the best skater that ever lived. Cohen is hard to love, because you get this sence of let down. However, how can anyone that that do THAT ever lose??? the mind boggles...

Ok so the thing with Sasha, is she totally reinvented the sprial sequence. Before her, it was 15 seconds of dead music in which skater caught their breath. Now its the 15 seconds in which you cringe because you aint no Cohen.