Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve.

Oh my god. What will I wear tonight??

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mao Asada: Rising again like the Phoenix

It turns out that I am a prophet. Just over a month ago, I was in Paris, and after too many bottles of champagne, I told the Japanese media that with a little confidence (i.e don't trash her after the TEB performance) Mao Asada, would rise again like the Phoenix and bring honour to their country. Well, Mao may not have won Japanese nationals over Christmas, but, she did get the silver, and a place on the world team. Hopefully she will be amazing by March, and put  up a staunch fight against Yuna Kim. And hopefully Yuna Kim has learnt to point her toe.

I love the bra look.

Spirals should be worth more points. If so many girls can do triple jumps, but not proper spirals, it says to me that the spiral should be worth more... Just sayin'

Happy Holidays!

It is well and truly holiday season, and I have been well and truly lazy. This time of year is amazing, apart from the epic heat, its great to party every night and laze on the beach during the day. Yes, I actually went to the beach. During the day. Fun times fo sho! Shizzle. Sizzle?

This is also a good time to reflect, regather and set goals for the next year..... So, after great consideration my goals/resolutions for next year are

♥ Eat correctly and exercise every day. This is a variation of my goal every year to lose 10kg. At least this is some what more realistic.
♥ Skate Skate Skate Skate! Returning to the ice, making a comeback. woo!
♥ Continue learning German. This will probably require taking some type of class, but it excites me.

So there we go. What are your resolutions?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ridiculous diets (part 1)

A couple of nights ago, I was having lovely wine time dinner with Miss C, when the subject of weddings and pre wedding crash diets came up. It was agreed that I am an excellent crash dieter, with the ability to be given a dress two sizes too small and be in it in a month. Is this healthy? No, obviously not. Is it helpful when you are a serial bridesmaid? Absolutely.

I have been on many a different fast weight loss diets before. However, it is only fitting that The Atkins Diet gets the grand title of (part 1), as the first time I met Miss C, I was picking the breading of fried chicken in order to avoid carbs. She thought I was mad. We became instant friends and roomies.

The Atkins Diet is a staunch no carb affair. Eat all the fat you want, but no breads, pasta, rice etc.
I lost 10kg in a month eating the following.

Breakfast: bacon + eggs
Lunch: cup of cream
Dinner: meat and cheese

Pros. It worked in a short amount of time
Cons. I could literally feel my arteries clog. And I became breathless. A lot.
Grade. B-

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Punk in Soho

Last night the boyfriend and I had one last night out in the West End. We went to the 100 Club, which was rad, however, it was a swing dance night, and, neither of us having any swing dancing skills, we mostly kept to being wall flowers. From here, we figured we would check out Punk. Going to Punk was like being in a time warp, like, going back to 2004. Emo boys and girls every where!!! Screamo!!! RRRROOOOAAARRR!!!!!

Emo boys ♥

Emo girls ♥

Emo Sonny ♥

clairEMOloko ♥

Johnny Weir - Dirty Love

Johnny Weir performing his debut song, Dirty Love, on the ice. This is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen.. Johnny Weir + sparkly onesie + figure skating + pop. Loves it. A-amazing.

Dirty Love You can buy it there. It's pretty much the best 99c you will ever spend.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to go home?

I haven't written anything for a while. I have been trying to make the most of my last week abroad. I cannot believe almost four months has gone by so quickly. I am trying to be positive, thinking about the things that I will enjoy about going back to Australia.

♥ Seeing all my lovelies again. This is obvious.
♥ Warm weather. Somewhat bittersweet, as I don't enjoy summer, however, the subzeros are starting to get me down... just slightly..
♥ Having clothing options. After living out of a suitcase, it excites me to have ALL my clothes again. YAY!
♥ My own house. This wont be happening for about 6 weeks after my return, however, it is something to look forward to. Being able to decorate etc. FUN!
♥ A mobile that is actually a phone, not just a camera/iPod/clock. It will amuse me if I return and have not received one text.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Miss You 90s Music

After getting home last night after seeing Ringo Deathstarr again (new favourite band), the boyf and I watched/listened to some of the most amazing musical genius of the 90s. Nothing makes you feel like you are in year 5 again like some major pop. Loves it.

I used to want hair like Anita. I guess i kinda do now.. dream realised.

I want to live on that street. Im guessing its in Amsterdam.

It only occurred to me last night they were probably names East 17 because they lived in Walthamstow. I want to buy that boy a shirt. Actually, he kinda looks like a young Pete Doherty, just slightly less dreamboat.

My ultimate favourite 90's song. I have the single still that I stole from my brother. A-amazing.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's nearly 3pm, and I'm still in bed. I could blame the Ringo Deathstarr show last night, however, I'm not really that hungover, Im just lazy.

However, in non lazy related news, Im working on an online store which will feature vintage clothes and  originals. Cant decide whether to call clothes that I have designed/made ('my line') just Claire Moloko, or something ridiculous like "Does This Come In Black?".... Will think about this....

Monday, December 6, 2010

I want to be Alexa Chung

I want to be Alexa Chung. She is thin enough to dress like a Nonna/little girl and still look major.  She also has many different types of employment, including being a chill DJ. Do love.

Its going to be summer for me in less than 2 weeks. I have no idea what I'm going to wear.
Style inspiration needed stat!

Hello London!

It excites me to be back in London.
I have missed the tube, the issue of there always a closure on the tube, and of course... Mind the gap!!
The first night out was spent in Camden. The Good Mixer followed by the Dublin Castle.
Fun times indeed. And a major journey back Sunday afternoon ft. extra large coffee (celebrity sized please). So happy to be back. Will make the most of the next 11 days :]

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My life is hard.

I dont normally like to whinge, however, my flight today from Paris to London was perhaps the worst flight I have endured on my entire tour.
It probably serves me right for trying to be frugal, and flying budget airlines, however,any situation where I am currently asking the staff "are you joking" is not worth a discount.
Upon arriving at the airport, we went straight to the "check in online" line, which, in theory, is quicker. Before joining the line, I was grab by a member of staff who wanted to know exactly what I was doing. Seeing as I was pulling along luggage and holing a printed boarding pass, most would presume I was catching a plane. Then again, perhaps I am smarter than most people.


I understand that there are hold ups. I used to work at an airport, and I am more than aware that civilians lose about 30 IQ points upon entering. Its annoying however to see the 'slow' line move faster than the 'fast line'.

We get to the baggage drop off....

Excess baggage has been the bane of our travels. This time, we paid for extra baggage when we booked the flights. The stylish girl who is processing out bags informs us we only have 40kg between us. Erm, no lady, we paid for extra. She claims that her systems are "never wrong", however, after calling her supervisor, she confirms, that yes, I am correct.

Time for immigration. Fewer lines than normal. Actually the best part of the entire journey.

No the epic waiting starts. You wait to be called onto the plane. After waiting until 20 minutes after the flight was supposed to leave, we are allowed to board. STOP! No, you have to wait in the corridor for another 10 mins. tick tock, tick tock. Finally allowed on the plane.

Now, this may sound silly, however, every time we have flown this airline, I have been eying of the chilli con carne bowl, that is available on Paris and London flights... yayyyyy!!!
NO, no. This plane if going of the "spanish menu" and only sandwiches are available. Sad face.

The steward serving the food didn't have enough change to give us after our sandwich order. "I owe you" she said. I did feel bad for her, in a way, she had to tell every single other passenger individually to put their seat belts on, put our big back above, small bags and coats under the seat and to not use their phones during the flight. The general public are stupid.

I have never been so happy to land.

Oh, and she never gave me my change either.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Disneyland Paris!

Like 99% of human beings that were once a child, I have often dreamed about going to Disneyland. Today that dream came true.
I was pretty much a giddy little girl, often skipping ahead of boyf (who had never been either) not knowing wear to start...

"Tea cup ride! Tea cup ride!"
"I neeeeeed Minnie Mouse ears"
"OooOOooOo Space Mountain!!!"

We spent the day going on as many rides as possible (and some more than once), throwing snowballs at each other and basically acting like the oldest looking children in history. I wore my Minnie Mouse ears one the way home as well. While I would normal scoff at such civilian behaviour, I really liked them, and on the way home is ok.... right? Perhaps I should be come a "furry" so I can wear them all the time. Joking. How odd.

Miss you already Disneyland.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Bow

Do love.

Winter in Paris part II

Layers upon layers :
2x woolen tights
1x leggings
1 x thermal top
1 x long sleeved dress
1 x jumper
1 x cape (yes. cape)
1 x coat
1 x scarf
No hat :[  my head was cold!

I am excited every time it starts snowing. Like right now. White snow flakes sail past my hotel window. The sub zero temperatures aren't that much of an issue either. I just layer, layer, layer.

While most of the northern hemisphere are used to this type of weather, and are probably thinking
"gee, winter hasn't even started yet", one must remember, despite my pompous accent, I am in fact from Australia, and I do enjoy Vegemite.

The boyf ask me yesterday what I was most looking forward to about going home, apart from seeing all my lovelies.
Honest answer : Having a choice of more than two outfits to wear. Style.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter in Paris

It is not quite winter, I am fully aware of that, however, someone forgot to tell the weather in Paris to hold off for one more day. Not that I am complaining though. It has been snowing! That's right, actual snow.
It becomes blatantly obvious that I am Australian when one sees my reaction to said snow.

Now, for the ultimate question: What does a girl wear when it is -4 degree Celsius?

This my friends, will be answered tomorrow :]

Happy snow angels!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Trophee Eric Bompard 2010

Attending Trophee Eric Bompard in Paris this weekend has been one of the most interesting/bizarre/wonderful things I have ever done.

Skating wise, I was very impressed. I have never really seen this level of skating live, so, obvs, I was like a little kid in a candy store. It's amazing to get all bitchy about spiral positions and the two footing of jumps as it happens.

Unfortunately, Chairman Mao stumbled a little, finishing in 5th place. But hey, its better than she did in Japan. She got about 5 massive bags full of toys and teddies, and was met back at the hotel by a host of adoring fans. Popular girl, triple axle or not.

One thing I wasn't expecting was the behaviour of the skating fans.

Take note: If you are going to creep around hotels in order to try and spot your beloved, it is advisable to actually order a drink at the bar, so it appears you have some sort of legitimate reason for being there. Also, taking photos of girls who are 17 from behind a pot plant is usually considered creepy. Actually, it is always considered creepy. Stop it.

There was one more thing that got me thinking... Why are Americans so loud?
There was one particular woman who I had the displeasure of having to hear yell during regular conversation three nights in a row. She also lacked manners. "I want ...." was her way of ordering drinks. No "please", "may I order" etc etc. NO! It was straight up "I want". She also announced loudly to anyone within a 20 metre radius that she is a gulper. Im not lying.

Shoosh now please.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dumb things I said in Rome...

♥ Moloko: The leaning tower of Pisa is here right?
    Boyf: No, its in Pisa.

♥ Moloko: I always thought the Coliseum had a solid floor. Then again, I'm basing all knowledge of it from a Where's Wally puzzle.

♥ Moloko: I have forgotten how to speak Italian. Why can't everyone here speak German?

♥ Moloko: How rad are their jobs? They dress up as Romans every day. Well, I mean, they actually are Romans, but, you know....

♥ Moloko: Oh my god. Jersey Shore is on. This is the best day of my life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roman Holiday

I arrived in Rome this evening after a fairly stress free journey from Berlin (note to self: paying for extra bag does not mean extra weight allowed on plane. Why would someone take two suitcases? Grrrr). I am excited to spend the next 3 days exploring the city and trying to stay away from the carbs!!!

Excited!! Yay!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Packing for holidays.

I was recently asked if I could write about what to pack when traveling. The question has been sitting in my Formspring inbox for a while, because, to be fair, I really haven't been the best packer on this trip. I have, however, survived the last 4 weeks living with minimal clothes and not buying anything new.

When I first left Perth, I packed about 20% of my wardrobe. And while I don't have the most stylish threads in 6000, I own a lot of stuff. I carted this across the world, decided I hated everything, bought new clothes then sent a whole bunch home, making my way through the UK buying + buying + buying = posting + posting + posting. I think I have assured the stability of the pound for years to come via the Royal Mail.

Too many fees for extra kgs later (yes, I fly budget air lines) i said ENOUGH(!) to the madness, and culled like I had never culled before.

My entire wardrobe here now consists of:

♥ Long sleeved black Harry Who dress that I have worn the death since mid 2008.
♥ Black ruffly Allanah Hill dress
♥ Colourful 50's sundress I obtained at Peacocks for £7
♥ Black Wheels & Dollbaby cardigan
♥ Red Wheels & Dollbaby cardigan
♥ Black pullover from Premark (£2)
♥ Red skirt ft. love hearts from H&M
♥ Two t-shirts (one dotty, one leopard print)

In my possession there is also have my white fur coat, and a plain black coat. Obvs I have tights/knickers/pjs/hats/scarfs.  I am tired of wearing the same things over and over, however, it's worth having a suit case I can actually cruise around with without breaking my back or paying gazillions every time I board a plane. So, my advice to you my friend, if unsure what to pack would be......

♥ Pack light. Less is more.  Five outifts is plenty.
♥ Accessories are your lovers. They take up hardly any room, and make you feel snazzy
♥ Dont dress down just because you are traveling. If you wouldn't wear it at home, you shouldn't wear it abroad (unless you are wearing something totes crazy).
♥ Bum bags are ridiculous. You look like a foreigner. Pick pocketers will love you.
♥ Remember, where you are going probably has shops. If you really neeeeeeed something, chances are you can buy it. If you can't, you probably don't need it.

So yeah. Pack away!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love heart glasses.

Another added to the collection. 
One day I will own the entire rainbow

Its Harry Potter!

Ich bin ein nerd. Its true. And I love Harry Potter. 

You can imagine my excitement about the new film coming out, and whilst I'm normally one of the first lined up at the cinema, decked out in my Gryffindor best, I had planned to wait until I was back in London to go see it, due to my lack of German speaking skills. I was, however,  assured by a friend (she who will not be named) that the cinema in Alexanderplatz showed films in English, with German subtitles. This seemed even more perfect when their website confirmed this.

So last night the boyf and I headed into Mitte, all ready to see the boy wizard slightly more grown up.


My German is a lot better than I gave myself credit for, as I was able to understand at least 1/4 of the dialogue (having actually not read this book... fail, i know) and basically understand what was going on. Fred and George Weasley are kinda babes now. Although, Snape is still the best looking man in the film. Sigh. 

Will defs go see again in London though. Would totes recommend.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

European Brunch.

Yesterday, being a hot and balmy day (15 degrees c) the boyf and I got up early (1pm) for a leisurely brunch and walk around our neighbourhood. European brunch is still very interesting to me. I understand having fruit and yogurt. And egg. However, teaming these two together with a garden salad, cold meats and cheese is still beyond bizarre to me. Now, I'm not saying I don't enjoy German style brunch, however, it is very different to your typical English cooked breakfast that I am accustomed to.

Travel. Broadens the mind. Obvs.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few things about Berlin.

Graffiti is somewhat political/arty. Not so much of the "for a good time call...."
I have become a vampire again. Sleepy time is around 8am.
Everyone is slim here. Yet the food is cheap and the portions huge. Berliners don't get fat.
Women wear little makeup. I have even found myself toning down the clown face somewhat.
You can take your dog every where. The U-bahn, shops, restaurants etc etc
 Alcohol is cheaper than water. It is cheaper than coca-cola. It is cheaper than a train ticket.
It is getting dark around 4pm. Seeing as I get up around 3, I have become uber pale.
No cooked breakfast. Wah!
You are not permitted to drink water in the German History Museum.
When moving furniture you go by train. Chloe and I moved a table and chair this way. Fun times       indeed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Police

Sometimes it is hard to take figure skating seriously when people turn up to work dressed like this.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Should I obtain....?

So, Friday night the boyf and I decided to have a bit of a date night. Mexican food followed by dancing till 4am at Bang Bang Club. Epic fun times. I did, however, have that annoying issue though, of what to do with my hand bag. I normally like to jump around a bit when I dance, especially when I am getting into double digits on the vodka pineapples, and a bag cramps my dance moves. I am however, not so much of a schmuck to leave my beloved bag ft. purse and passport laying around on the floor of a club in a foreign country. What is a Moloko to do????

Then I saw the answer. Teamed with neon orange tights and cowboy boots, was a bum bag. Now, to me the bum bag has only ever been the accessory of choice for middle aged travellers who believe their money is safer in one, which is ridiculous, as it makes you look like an obvious tourist (these are the people who tell you to pack "comfortable shoes" when travelling, as if the ground in the northern hemisphere is made of broken glass or similar), so I was shock to see one being sported so proudly on the dance floor. I understand its functionality though. Whilst I was being hampered by my cumbersome (yet style) bag, this electro cowboy-chic girl was having the time of her life....

I need a different bag for fun fun club times. Should I obtain a bum bag?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to package a figure skater.

Alissa Czisny. She gives me hope of a well packaged American ice princess. The slight weight loss, even tan and up-do. The spirals! The spins! Rachael Flatt, please take note.

I am going to start polishing her tiara.
Going to Trophee Eric Bompard just got alot more exciting ♥

Hearts You

I have been in Berlin for one week now.  Am in love.
This is probably the most intense yet chilled place I have been to. Its like, everyone just does what they wannnt. Something i enjoy.

Of course, I have caught my mandatory travel cold. wah! I am probably to blame though, as I have more or less spent the past week attending witch haus parties and partying like its 1980.

 Wie f├╝hlt es siiiiiiiiiich?

Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes when I look at my own art, its scares me how much of a genius I am. Totes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Photo via Boyf

Oh Amsterdam. What a city. Makes me want to live in a house boat. And ride a bicycle.

My favourite moment, whilst sitting in a bar made entirely of ice, drinking a cocktail out of a glass made of ice, watching a 3D movie in Dutch.

Moloko: Whats going on?
Boyf: I have no idea. I love Amsterdam.

As do I.... as do I....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Mao.

Relearning technique is hard. SO, whilst this is a hot mess, what a trooper.

You are still Chairman Mao to me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Miss you UK

My journey has continues over the channel, and its time to say goodbye for the UK after 6 weeks.
There are going to be things about the UK that I will miss, because I generally liked them, or because they made me laugh. lol.

thats bare good. innit.
the obsession with Cheryl Cole. I had to google her when I first arrived. She is everywhere.
styrofoam clams containing chips/burgers. who eats out of styrofoam. seriously.
get street signs London.
the way the people in the north say London. LON-DON!
gyppos. hate you.
OMG! where'd you get that jump suit.... best billboards ever.
mind the gap!
proper english breakfast.
fake tan. tango tan. hmm, style? obvs not.
the trendier parts of Shoreditch
The good mixer.
toff accents.
pub golf.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Signs you are getting old..

A couple of days ago, Tuesday, to be exact, was my lovely boyfs bday. To celebrate we went to a amusment park to go on rides and eat dounuts, among other things. Having not been on a rollercoster in many an era, we decided to 'warm' up to the scare by going on some rides aimed at younger childer/pensioners first... This was my down fall. After a go on one of those swinging pirate ships, we decided to go on 'The Magic Carpet Ride'. This ride did not go up side down. It did not swing up at an 180 degree angle. It looked tame.


The ride was a jerk. 5 seconnds into the fun im screaming "I'm scared! Help!!!" like im actually in danger. Im showing my age. It seemed as though everyone else on the ride, mostly all under the age of 10, had a MAJOR time on the jerk genie ride. Only a 60 year old man behind me somewhat shared my sentiments.
"I wouldn't exactly describe that as enjoyable".  I concure.

Later on in the day I was trashed talked to by a little porker wearing an I Heart Justin Beiber shirt.

I am officially old.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Im currently in Scotland, and dont havn't had proper internet access at my disposal. Have nearly actually died. However, situation will be rectified this week :]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fashion Police

♥ Cavern Club + various other Liverpool night clubs

♥  Vintage Harry Who dress
♥  Hat from Boudoir Boutique
♥  Oxfords + Opaques (not shown. obvs)

The hat was a success!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Kween Has Spoken.

After not skating in her home country for about half a decade, Michelle Kwan skated in the US on the weekend. she is still amazing. Epic love for her.

In other skating news, the season started this weekend with the Japan Open. Poor Mao, not a good start, however, im sure she will be amazing by the time the Grand Prix rolls around. Cannot wait to see her in Paris ♥

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I arrived in Liverpool yesterday afternoon. So far all i have done is cruise around the hotel. I hope to have some sort of Beatles experience this afternoon. 

Where is good to go dancing up here?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Where am I?

 I have been somewhat absent on the internets the past few days, as I have been lazing around Nottingham with my British family. Nottingham is one of those places that I expected  to be tiny, only to find out it is bigger than my own city. You can  get dinner out post 9pm. SHOCK HORROR! Also, Robin Hood used to hang out around these parts, in Sherwood Forrest. I always like the Disney version best. What a fox!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dress Code.

As our time in London is coming to a finish, the boyf and I treated ourselves to a night out in the West End last night. We saw Grease at the Piccadilly theatre followed by dinner and dancing. Everything was marvellous, except for one thing... Don't theatres have dress codes?

I know I often lean towards being slightly over dressed from time to time, however, I genuinely enjoy dressing up. I figured going to the theatre was the one time when a dress and heels ft. fur coat would be acceptable. WRONG. The other patrons felt that jeans and t-shirts were the order of the day.  One might think they were attempting to look like greasers, however, they weren't. They looked like schlubs.  Joan Rivers would not approve.

Moloko's  Rules For Theatre Style.

Dress up, not down. You spent £80 on a ticket, its not the laundromat.
Gals should wear heels. You have no excuse not to, you are sitting down all night, so pain is no issue.
Lads should wear a shirt and jacket. A tie would be better, but at least something with a collar.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Odd.

Last night a group of us, all originally from Perth, went out to dine in Brick Lane. Restaurant owners came out in droves to try and convince our group of 15 that we should go to their restaurant, attempting to offer us better deals and discounts than the other choices around us . One man went as far as to tell us we would get food poisoning if we went his competitor across the road. V strange.

(to my knowledge no one was poisoned)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Please buy for me....

Even though I'm just facing my first European winter, I keep thinking what it will be like when I arrive back home in Australia just before Christmas. OMG. Its going to be hot. Betsey Johnson's  2001 Spring line is a-mazing. Total Lovers. And most importantly, suitable for Australian summer. I think the thought of these outfits are enough to keep my carb free for the rest of my time here. I wonder if they come in black....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And then it got cold....

It seems that the temperature dropped about 10 degrees over night. It seems this way because it did. Oh my, I need a new coat. A trip into Soho, ft epic tube failure, and I have a lovely (faux) fur white coat.
I feel like Edie Sedgwick ♥♥♥

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Being a hoarder by nature, I often forget what I own, even when living out of a suitcase. nail polish + nail polish = the colour of my Fifi Lapin book. Loveeeeee!

What have I been doing?

Holidays. Oh holidays. This week it seems i'm finally in holiday mode. I have spent the last few weeks being rather sensible, and getting up early. However, this past week i've been shopping, going to restaurants, drinking pink wine + cocktails, picnicing and sleeping in. It has been delightful. I have also finally started to know my way around London. I really don't want to leave next week.

I purchased Fifi Lapin's book "what shall i wear today". Its filled with basic style tips and fashion advice, however, every page there is at least one very fashionable bunny. I am in love with the colour of the colour. My goal for this week is to find that exact colour for my nails.

I discovered Hoxton Square yesterday. Loves it. Im planning a picnic there, possibly for tomorrow. The weather is still summery, so really need to make the most of it before the adventure continues ♥♥♥

Friday, September 17, 2010

Please buy for me....

A pomeranian!! I want one so much. I shall call him Lupin "PomPom" Finkelstein. He shall be the most loved pompom ever! Hopefully, upon moving to Melbourne (once I return back to Australia) I will find a landlord that would be willing to let me have a lil dog. Who could resist a face like that??!!!

Cuteness overdrive!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm having a mid 20s identity crisis. Who am I? What am I?
Do I watch too much E! Channel?

Am somewhat obsessed with the Spin Crowd. Although, I think It should me more about Jonathan  living with Simon. Simon is the best. How is Jonathan still allowed to employ people when he tell them to get cosmetic procedures. And books their appointments. And pay for them. Scripted?
Maybs he should be friends with Scott Disick....

The show does make me think about how I would run my office to take over the world. I think there would defiantly  be a dress code: Dress Dandy.
Would I have casual Friday? I think so. As long as they didn't look scruffy. Or wore blue jeans.