Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Russian Hat.

I have a new hat.
I am art.
I am fashion.
I am a communist stylist.

Please don't touch the fountain.

The above picture is of a "fountain" that resides in Forrest Chase, the heart of Perth. It isn't really a fountain, for it doesn't have any water that like shoots up or anything. Its just a wet ball that rotates. Birds  drink from the water around the ball, and sit on top of it, as if it were a traverlator or simular.


Beware the temptation of THE FOUNTAIN!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I will be wearing....

What are you going to be wearing this winter???

Being the stylish gal i am, i shall be wearing things from Chanel's ready to wear 2010/2011 Fall/Winter Collection. Style. Only style.

Karl, you are a genius.

Monday, March 22, 2010

If the is one thing I enjoy, it's a tour.

I have decided to join my roomie on his bands national tour. I will be joining the traveling circus around the 6th April in Sydney. There is little I enjoy more than going on tour.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fighting trim lovers.

Its weird how my current oves are the same lover-faces i had when i was a child. Well, not the exact same ones, but, figure skaters never-the-less.

I want to be well dressed and have a clean living quarters like Johnny, i want to be able to get into fighting trim like Sasha. I want to be able to skate like either (this is the least likely).

Fighting trim. How does one get from this to this

to this

Im guessing pilates and atkins is required.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lady, just have a glass of water...

Last night, whilst at a comedy night, this drunkard woman was asked to have a drink of  water at the bar before she would be served her cocktail. She grumbled about this, slurring she was not drunk. She then came back to watch the laughs and started heckling the performers. The tables were turned on her when comdians FOUGHT BACK (!!!) and made jokes about her, and everyone voted that she must be "shooosh" until the end.

About 15 mins after, the boy and I observed her trying to get into an apartment complex (most likely hers i guess) on Stirling street, via yelling through the intercom.

LOLZ all around

Moloko xx

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little bit wiser...

Yesterday was my birthday. HUZZAH!
I had a lovely day.

Brunch with my parents + boy

Ice skating.. funzzz.

Dinner with lovlies ft. sangria.

Lovely little party at 399.

Drunkard night clubbing.

All in all, an excellent day :]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oy, my head...

I drank until 5am with Benny Mayhem this morning, listening to vinyls we aquired on tour.
I feel ill.

Meanwhile, totally LOVING Miss C's blog. She is my urban sister. Read it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Advice from Aunty Moloko

So, I got my first question sent to me today. WOO!

"You have big hair. How do i acheive this without ruining my hair?"

Ok. big hair. That is something i know alot about. Infact, whenever i have one of those moment when you think "Oy God, im turning into my mother!!!" is when im making my hair larger than it needs to be. However, you did ask...
First of all, if you want big hair, you can always do a beehive.

A beehive is pretty easy to do really. I first started wearing my hair like this around 2005/2006 , because i wanted to look like Priscilla Presley. Its pretty self explanitory on how to do. Grab the top section of you hair, back comb the life out of it, and then pin it in a beehive shape at the back of your head. The spray with hair spray. You will get a better look if you use a a hair brush instead of a comb to back comb it.

The problem with the beehive however is.
a) civilians will think you are trying to look like Amy Winehouse, and will sing Rehab at you as you walk down the street.
b) you may look like you are one of those "its da 1950's" folk and
c) you see lots of rubbish hives around these days. I saw a girl on the train this morning whos hair made me cringe.

Ok. So big hair that isn't a hive. Well, this is harder and yet also easier. I am lucky to have curly hair, so, it kinda tends to be big anyway. however, having straight hair doesn't mean you cant have giant hair. First of all, you should wash your hair as little a possible. this sounds gross, but this isn't about hair hygeine, its about volume. I used dry shampoo every day. dry shampoo all over your hair, then brush it out. actually, i dont brush it out, as i dont actually own a brush or comb, but, i use my fingers. the, i put a volume boost paste through it. Currently i use Treseme 24 hours volume setting paste. its like $7 and i just rub it in everywhere. It gives you height and thickness, and also smoothes out frizzy bits. Finally, spray spray spray with hair spray. Do this with your hair upside down. then mess your hair up, before putting it back in its desired part. Again, i just used my fingers. You can back comb hair after the dry shampoo, however, i think this looks a bit contrived, and its reallly bad for the hair.

So there you go. thats how i acheive big hair. as a friend once said to me
"the only thing bigger than your hair is your ego"

very true.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Im a pretty great agony aunt.

I have learnt a few things along the way during my soon-to-be *cough* *cough* 22 years, and am willing to answere your questions or give you some Moloko advice.

Just send me your troubles and delimas to....

Im like the amazing jewish aunt you never had.



March is finally here. Huzzah(!) I hear you sing.
And while I know that it is still uncomfortable hot, soon it will really be autum.

Goals for March include:

Learn to wake up at 7am each day. Having a routine is excellent for the soul.
Practice pilates
Skate more
Buy boots
Buy coat

Step into my office baby....

So, the cleaning up of the junkie den is going ok, except fo a minor disaster last night, in which my clothes rack, and its entire contents collapsed on the floor in a clothes avalanche. Not fun.

Almost finished reconstruction.

Slight improvment.

I would really like one of those super organised rooms you see in catalogues or on extremley stylish girls video blogs.


Would be somewhat grand to have a cave like that...


Would also like this as my room. Kinda reminds me of a tropical fish tank.

Simese fighting fish etc.

Really need some stuff to put my stuff in.

IKEA road trip anyone???