Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 Steps to being a girl....

1. Diet all day, complaining to roomie and boyf how hungry you are
2. Go out drinking with friends once it is dark. Consume entire bottle of pink champagne.
3. Insist to boyf that you require McDonalds on way home from drinking, to prevent death. Obvs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ima clean cut kid and ive been to collage too....

I always find it somewhat amusing when im asked what i want to do with my life. As if what i am doing with my life isn't an acceptable choice, and i should be doing more with it (not fulfilling potential etc).

The last time i was asked this, by a employer i gave her the following jobs that i would be "willing to undertake as a full time career"...

folk singer
conceptual artist
train spotter
fashion genius

Big dreams..... big dreams.....

Friday, April 23, 2010

And one and two and three and four...

Last night was my first ballet class. I must admit, i was slightly smug whilst on my way there. I had new ballet slippers, and was dressed how the woman on the phone told me to dress - leggings a t-shirt. for traveling, i wore boots and a long black coat as to not offend people with the leggings (faux pas).

I was dress incorrectly!!!

Everyone else was dressed like real ballerinas. Black leotard, pink tights (stylish). With ribbons on shoes.


Upon starting the class i learnt that being able to do pretty decent spirals, laybacks and double jumps (yes, even at my ancient age) on the ice, does not at all help in a ballet studio.
It was like that scene in Center Stage "who let that disaster in here".......

Note to self. Buy pink tights.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things im glad i bought.

I am generally not very good with money. I tend to waste alot on being lazy/drunk/moronic. I can also be ridiculously scroogy... "oy my, im not paying $2.65 for pins. jesus. who do they think they are???"

however, there are some things i have bought over the year that have been wise investments....

Black "Harry Who" Dress ($8) : I bought this dress in 2008 off ebay. its fitted and somewhat short, but not too short that it can only be worn when going to the night club etc. In fact, im wearing it today at work. totes bargain. probs works out be be like less than 1c a wear :]]]]]

Bob Dylan concert ticket ($120 aprox) : Towards the end of 2008, i drunkardly purchased a ticket to see my lover in Cardiff, Wales. At the time i was a full time artist (unemployed) with zero to nill income. After the drunken purchase, I got a (remedial) job, and saved, and actually managed to take myself to the UK to see my future husband. Money WELL spent.

iPhone (on going). kk. so, i didn't buy it. its on a plan. like most other phones. however, i have agreed to pay like $100 a month for it. it changed my life. if you dont have one, there is probably something wrong with you. get one. right now.

Black hair dye ($14). Back in 2005, i was pretty tuff. not as tuff as i am now. but i looked tuffer. My hair was white at the back, and black at the front. Actually, it was more like dark blue at the front. i had an a-line too. After not getting a job that i reaaaallllly wanted, i decided to CONFORM (!!!) and dyed my hair all black, at 530am before workies one day. I loved the all black hair. I would never go back to being blonde again. unfortunatly i hate the dying of hair every 2-3 weeks. and i have ruined many towles in the process. however, totes worth it.

Money... thats what i want  

Last night....

I saw Regina Spektor. She was A-mazing. If i had roses i would have thrown them at her feet. She makes me want to play my guitar more and speak russian.gosh. so wonderful. and charming. and funny.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Mao

Oh Mao.... I love you, but you are such a hot mess....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I want to be a ballerina.

I am seriously considering doing an adult ballet class. I have always considered my self quite graceful, being an ice princess and all, however, this is not the case. I would also enjoy wearing ballet shoes, wraps and chiffon skirts. Such a princess.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things that are making me smile. :]

Walking into the city in the mornings with boyf for workies.
My old roomie, the busiest man in rock and roll coming home from tour.
My new boots. Purchased at jumble sale on saturday from Chloe's lovely sister.
Subway for breakfast.
My new light pink blush. Makes me feel like a Russian doll.
New roomies. Love.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New junkie den.

My new room is lovely. Not at all a junkie den. Success as an adult.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Please buy for me!!!

I am in love.

Everytime i walk past Yo Yo Buffalo on my way too and from work I see the most amazing ankle boots ever.

 Designed by Vivianne Westwood. I am in love. Unfortunatly, I feel that it would be a toxic relationship for i do not have the legs to wear such boots :[[[[[

Anyway, they are amazing.

Speaking of Vivianne Westwood, Malcom McLaren died today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

photo booth fun ♥

Watching Ally McBeal waiting for Boyf to come over

Moving house.

I am in the middle of moving house. Mess everywhere. I have soooo many pairs of shoes. So many belts. So many scarves. I may have to have a jumble sale.


So, 3 days before I leave Leederville, I decide to try the new little bar/resteraunt at the end of my street.
Kitsch is amazing. Amazing asian tapas, amazing cocktails, amazing dessert.
Im not the type of person to order dessert, but when everything else tasted so great, i figured i would be outrageous.
Chocolate sandwich with peanut brittle ice cream.
yum yum yum.

Kitsch on Oxford Street, Leederville.