Thursday, July 29, 2010


There is nothing glamourous about laying on the bathroom floor at work thinking you are going to die.

Alcohol I Hate You.

I think its time we took a break.

Monday, July 26, 2010

long live The Kween

The Kween has returned. She is 30. She looks amazing.
Not a fan of the dress... was Vera busy?
But, its the Kween, and we bow down to you.

Sasha.... Oh Sasha

Oh Sasha. Oh Sasha.
Well, at least alot of people are talking.
Maybe she is injured. Maybe she is out of shape.
Maybe its all the "pairs training" she has been doing.

I like her hair. I like her little shorts.
I think she needs a rest.

Blast from the past.

Some weeks I achieve alot. This has not been one of those weeks. I have spent the majority of my free time watching season 4 of Ally McBeal.

I havn't seen this season since i was 16 when I would intently watch each week, then curl my hair to look like Portia for school the next day. Anyway, a few things....

♥ Robert Downey Jr. OMG! I forgot how much for a crush i had on him. When he makes a snowman for Ally. With a hat and glasses. I remember when he got busted for drugs my friend and i were up doing homework at 4am watching The Today Show (the one with Katie Couric) and his mug shot was shown. Such a babe. I think however, that had something to do with his character leaving the show. anyway. babe town.

♥ Portia's hair is very up and down. Some episodes is amazing. Some is V average. Lucy is really the hair winner in this season. Actually, that works better for me now, as my hair is no longer blonde, but black (obvs)

♥ Calista Flockart looks better with curly hair. Also looks older than the 31 year old she is supposedly playing.

♥ Do they not get bored of going to the same bar every night? I suppose with Sting and Anastacia (remember her? abs from the future) showing up to randomly sing,  there is an appeal.

♥ Am inspired for dieting.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So my blog has been pouting at me like Molly Ringwald the past week or so.... why???


Should i throw my blog a belated birthday?
I could make cupcakes and photograph my friends who are style.

If there is one thing i do enjoy, its a party.
And style.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I ♥ books.

Being a university student has made me apreciate reading, so i now read books. Currently im living for real figure skating accounts of the 90's boom. The bitching, the back stabbing, the crazy skate "moms". It great.
My most recent literary conquest has been Talking Figure Skating - Behind the scenes of the worlds most glamerous sport by Beverley Smith. I was a little disapointed immediatly with this behinds the scenes view, as few of my favourite skaters are mention in the book, and it mostly features Canadian skaters that i am not so familier with (homework time?). Also, there isn't as much sensationalism as their could be. Skating is all about the cheating, gossip and fake smile for the camera, which could have been more amazing. Do like Tara on the front though. I really did love that Anastasia music.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please buy for me!!!

  More M.A.C. Have run out. do not wish to look like hag.
♥  Lilac nail polish
♥  Thermal tights
  Knee high Doc Martins
   Ear muffs
  Season 5 Ally McBeal
  More fairy lights.

Miss You MJ

Remember last year when Michael Jaskon died, and we all went out night clubbing to dance to his music so we could mourn authentically? Well Evgeny Plushenko knew how authentic he was back in 2002. What an artiste.

Monday, July 12, 2010

hair hair hair.....

Every time i see a severe and pulled back hair do, I think of Tonya Harding in all her glory.

Everyone looks better with bangs. Just saying.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Am totes in love with my blue/green Surgar Baby nail polish. Is the love.

ps. please excuse my dumb face.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Public Service Anouncment

Today i was attacked by a giant umbrella. Under the giant umbrella was a woman, blissfully ignoring the rain in a Christo and Jean Claude manner. Giant Umbrellas. People are embracing the arts.

Umbrella Safety plz.