Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dress Code.

As our time in London is coming to a finish, the boyf and I treated ourselves to a night out in the West End last night. We saw Grease at the Piccadilly theatre followed by dinner and dancing. Everything was marvellous, except for one thing... Don't theatres have dress codes?

I know I often lean towards being slightly over dressed from time to time, however, I genuinely enjoy dressing up. I figured going to the theatre was the one time when a dress and heels ft. fur coat would be acceptable. WRONG. The other patrons felt that jeans and t-shirts were the order of the day.  One might think they were attempting to look like greasers, however, they weren't. They looked like schlubs.  Joan Rivers would not approve.

Moloko's  Rules For Theatre Style.

Dress up, not down. You spent £80 on a ticket, its not the laundromat.
Gals should wear heels. You have no excuse not to, you are sitting down all night, so pain is no issue.
Lads should wear a shirt and jacket. A tie would be better, but at least something with a collar.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Odd.

Last night a group of us, all originally from Perth, went out to dine in Brick Lane. Restaurant owners came out in droves to try and convince our group of 15 that we should go to their restaurant, attempting to offer us better deals and discounts than the other choices around us . One man went as far as to tell us we would get food poisoning if we went his competitor across the road. V strange.

(to my knowledge no one was poisoned)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Please buy for me....

Even though I'm just facing my first European winter, I keep thinking what it will be like when I arrive back home in Australia just before Christmas. OMG. Its going to be hot. Betsey Johnson's  2001 Spring line is a-mazing. Total Lovers. And most importantly, suitable for Australian summer. I think the thought of these outfits are enough to keep my carb free for the rest of my time here. I wonder if they come in black....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And then it got cold....

It seems that the temperature dropped about 10 degrees over night. It seems this way because it did. Oh my, I need a new coat. A trip into Soho, ft epic tube failure, and I have a lovely (faux) fur white coat.
I feel like Edie Sedgwick ♥♥♥

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Being a hoarder by nature, I often forget what I own, even when living out of a suitcase. nail polish + nail polish = the colour of my Fifi Lapin book. Loveeeeee!

What have I been doing?

Holidays. Oh holidays. This week it seems i'm finally in holiday mode. I have spent the last few weeks being rather sensible, and getting up early. However, this past week i've been shopping, going to restaurants, drinking pink wine + cocktails, picnicing and sleeping in. It has been delightful. I have also finally started to know my way around London. I really don't want to leave next week.

I purchased Fifi Lapin's book "what shall i wear today". Its filled with basic style tips and fashion advice, however, every page there is at least one very fashionable bunny. I am in love with the colour of the colour. My goal for this week is to find that exact colour for my nails.

I discovered Hoxton Square yesterday. Loves it. Im planning a picnic there, possibly for tomorrow. The weather is still summery, so really need to make the most of it before the adventure continues ♥♥♥

Friday, September 17, 2010

Please buy for me....

A pomeranian!! I want one so much. I shall call him Lupin "PomPom" Finkelstein. He shall be the most loved pompom ever! Hopefully, upon moving to Melbourne (once I return back to Australia) I will find a landlord that would be willing to let me have a lil dog. Who could resist a face like that??!!!

Cuteness overdrive!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm having a mid 20s identity crisis. Who am I? What am I?
Do I watch too much E! Channel?

Am somewhat obsessed with the Spin Crowd. Although, I think It should me more about Jonathan  living with Simon. Simon is the best. How is Jonathan still allowed to employ people when he tell them to get cosmetic procedures. And books their appointments. And pay for them. Scripted?
Maybs he should be friends with Scott Disick....

The show does make me think about how I would run my office to take over the world. I think there would defiantly  be a dress code: Dress Dandy.
Would I have casual Friday? I think so. As long as they didn't look scruffy. Or wore blue jeans.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love heart glasses.

Since seeing Lolita, has always wanted love heart shaped glasses. Not to wear out in public, just to add to my collection of silly things I own that I wear around the house.  Thankfully £ 3 from tacky tourist shop on the Westend sorted me out. Now i just need a hula hoop, capris and my own Clare Quilty

Really need to sort out birds nest hair.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Resolutions I will never keep...

After Saturday night, there is a good possibility I will never drink again. *

Good times though.

Worst. Hangover. Ever.

*probably a lie.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I keep having bizarre dreams in which i am friends with Sasha Cohen. What a creep!

The first program I saw of Miss Cohen's was her My Sweet and Tender Beast/Sentimental Waltz  at the 2001 Masters of Figure Skating. I was in a bit of a skating slump, and other than the Kween, really wasn't loving anyone. Then I saw Sasha. The layback. The spiral. The reaction to her scores.

The best thing about figure skating is the blatant cheating.

Day 1 - London.

First day in London. Woke up early and had breakfast at a small cafe near our apartment. Enough food to feed an army.. Wandered around the city, ended up in Camden having drinks, then getting epically lost on the way back to Shoreditch. Oops.

Some middle aged rank bitch came up to me on the street and informed me that my ankle boots did not go with my Allanah Hill dress, and recommended I wore a "delicate shoe, dear". I chose to say nothing, despite the fact she was missing teeth.

Little does she know I write a super famous blog, and now everyone is laughing at her!!!!

Loving London <3

good lord.

Its a good thing i don't live in KL, i would become V fat.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pan Pacific Hotel.

I made the mature decision this year to book accomodation for my stop over in KL, as apposed to sleeping on the street like i did last year. I picked the Pan Pacific Hotel, as it is close to the airport, and I tend to be lazy in the morning when I have to be up early (missing my flight to London would make me actually cry).

It is possibly the best hotel I have stayed in. The boyf and I have spent the afternoon eating room service burgers (amazing, as good as Grill'd) , lounging by the pool drinking cocktails, swimming, eating random mini bar snacks and watching random Asian sit coms. I even got a slight tan from my lazy two hours in my new bikini ( i stayed in the shade.. and no, there will not be photos).

I am currently drinking a bizzare chocolate energy drink that comes in a can.

*smoking is clearly "not cool". the room is a smoking room. I 'aint no crim.

Wheels & Dollbaby (style style style)

I have a confession to make. I have never been the hugest fan of Wheels & Dollbaby.  Mainly because I  never really had the budget to afford such clothing items, and if I have, I have spent my monies on obtaining other items of choice (champagne, taxis, mob nonna dresses rom op shops etc). I also felt somewhat disappointed with my purchase of the Buccaneer dress, which to be fair, was partly due to not having the same figure as Tiah Ekhardt, however, the quality wasn't as desired for someone who normally spent $5 on dresses from Op shops....

That has changed. Well. Somewhat.

I am a fan of cardigans. I am a fan of anything with a collar.  I am a fan of black.
I splashed out my hard earned dollars from my remedial job to purchase a white collard black cardigan from W&DB.

I have barely taken it off. I have worn it to work. Worn it to party. Woken up "pre dressed" wearing it, and continued to wear it throughout the day. I most recently wore it on the plane to Malaysia today.

I am in love.