Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miss You Sega Megadrive.

Miss you Altered Beast.

"Welcome to your doom"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whats This And The 12 Year Olds.

I have a new obsession. Whats This And The 12 Year Olds. Amazing tribal/whore house/triangle/shit tech/hipster/elektronik. I want to dance dance dance to ∆ ∆ Shaved Sides and The People We Killed all day. Their cd art inspires me to never eat again. You should listen to them. You should love them. Immediately.

New Obsession

Have become obsessed with strawberries.

Nom Nom Nom

I take photos of myself.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American: The Bill Hicks Story

Tonight the boyfriend and I went to see an outdoor screening of American: The Bill Hicks Sotry. It is very good. If you have not seen this already, I suggest you rush out and see it imediatly.

Apart from being an excellent comedian, and an informer of great ideas and opinions, young bill was kinda of a babe.

As he got older he started to look like Roy Orbison. Not a bad thing...

Monday, January 17, 2011

My life is hard.

Mob Nonna

Mob Nonna by Miss_moloko featuring tom ford sunglasses

It's hard to be a Mob Nonna in summer. All those black layers! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can I wear this to work?

One of the biggest hurdles I used to face, back when I would exchange my time for money was, “can I wear this to work?”. Employment is soul destroying at the best of times, then on top of things you have to wear a uniform.  I have often said that it is preferable to have to wear an actual kompany komrade uniform than having to spend money on clothes you only have disdain for, but wear because it fits into a “code”. Of course there are those lucky types whose employers have a free dress policy,  but for those  who don’t, It can be quite daunting.  First of all, jeans are obviously out.  So are track suits (obvs, should only be worn when performing actual excersise), low cut tops, wife beaters and hot pants. But where is the line in the middle? A short skirt that is completely indecent for day time wear will look a lot more “professional” with opaques. A tank top made of cotton will look like beach wear, however, the same style cut from a blousier fabric ft.  jewlery  would be appropriate.  Etc Etc.

Being a young angry girl that liked to dress a bit punk,  the notion of  looking conservative for 40 hours of the week was a struggle. I would end up wearing  unflattering slacks and button up shirts that didn’t fit correctly. I wore no accessories because everything I owned was covered in spikes or studs and my usual bouffant hair hung limply like a bowl shaped mop. Clearly, I was kind of a babe.  Had I just worn a plain black dress with tights and perhaps a scarf, I would have felt  and looked a lot better.

Another problem with corperate dressing,  is in the cut of the clothes. A lot of womans  office styles are cut to be a simular shape as a mans suit, or require you to wear uncomfortable high heels via knee length skirts. There was, once upon a time , a co-worker who was the sister of a famous WAG. This gal had the same figure as her celebrity sibling, and would swan around wearing impecibly tailored shirts,  tight pencil skirts with kitten heels and low cut blouses. Being an A cup, this shirt was in no way breaching dress code rules. A girl with boobs, on the other hand, would be told to cover up or would end up wearing a shirt in a size too big to ensure that buttons aren’t gaping.

 Its not all doom and gloom though….
  Stick to dark, plain colours. You are more likely to get away with a slightly more fun or comfortable dress  if it is black or navy, as apposed to an intense pattern or a bright colour.

    Keep crazy colours or patterns to accessories 

♥ Ensure your hair is styled. You will look a lot more put together with nice hair.
 ♥ Blazers are a life saver. You can put one over a strappy shirt or plain t-shirt and look instantly more professional.

♥ Proportions! Proportions! Unless you are a twig, you should wear heels with anything knee length.  Above or below the knee can get away with a ballet flat, but anything that ends at the knee is going to cut your leg in half and make you look dumpier than you are.

♥ Don’t compromise your own style. Just dress a nicer version of how you would dress out of work.

♥ Scarves make every thing more dandy

Friday, January 7, 2011

Perth town.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon walking around the cultural centre of Perth known as Northbridge. Obviously I was so inspired I had to become artistic and take photos. The quality of my work still surprises me.

The boyfriend made an excellent point though. Why does the big screen in the centre of the "cultural centre" play Foxtel, and not show case local Perth artists... the mind boggles.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A day in court... and I don't mean Camelot.

There is nothing like a few hours in a public courtroom to remind you once again how stupid civilians are.

♥ When a magistrate tells you 3 times that you have grounds to plead not guilty and asks you again what your plea is, that is probably your chance to say "not guilty".

♥ If you have been arrested for a crime 9 times, and have been imprisioned for said crime, don't make it an even 10.

♥ All that you will acheive by going to court to contest a speeding fine, only to plead guilty for it,  is an extra $192 in court costs.

♥ Do not walk away from the magistrate when they are talking to you.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ridiculous diets (part 2)

Nutella. Sweet sweet Nutella. Who would have thought you could lose weight on a Nutella diet? Well my friends, its true. Back in the dark ages of 2003, soon after moving in with Miss C and ditching the Atkins diet, I needed a change. The Nutella diet was everything I was looking for.

Upon waking, eat 3 or 4 large table spoons of Nutella to ensure one feels ill. You will not want to eat for remainder of day.

Pros: Fast weight loss (5 kg in 2 weeks) and Nutella is yummmmy!
Cons: Obvs unhealthy. Clearly a starvation situation.