Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Mao.

Mao Asada sits in 7th place after the short program at World Championships due to an under rotated and two footed triple axel and a less than perfect combination jump. Hopefully she can come back tonight in the long program. I shall be eating katsu curry for good luck. She probably needs to eat some too. Still love her.

Alissa Czisny continues to be Americas prettiest ice princess with another solid program. Currently in 4th place. Wuzzzz Robbbed of 3rd (at least). The US needs to come up with more bribe money. Just sayin'.

Everyones favourite (except me) Yuna Kim is in first place, as expected after a decent skate ft. stumble. Obvs questionable scoring.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to be a good house host ...(and guest).

There is nothing like having a friend come to visit to test your friendship and how much of a good house guest/host you are. I was not worried about the first note, and I was correct, having my friend stay was a success, however, I was worried about how good of a host I could be, seeing as I'm only kind of an adult.

Shockingly, I was ok. Maybe even good. And my guest was of high distinction. Some notes to be observed.

♥ Space! Try to give your guest some personal space. This sounds obvious, however, even in the smallest of apartments, having your own area is still good. We made a bunker area with a couch and cushions. Almost a fort.

♥ Keys. Give your guest their own key. There is nothing worse than waking up at someones house in the morning, and just wanting to go for a walk/buy a diet coke etc, and having to wake them to let you out/in etc. I partially failed at this, as the key I got cut didn't work (outrage!), however, I forfeited  my own set and shared with the boyf.

♥ Having Supplies. Even if you don't cook at home, or are planning a myriad of meals out, it is always nice to have some basic food/drinks. Milk, juice, tea, a bottle of wine. Bread, pasta, butter, fruit, vegetables. Not huge quantities, but enough so that you can fix something if your guest gets hungry. ALSO make sure you make it known that the food is for everyone to to help you self. You will find a self sufficient lodger.

♥ Do your own thing. While it's fun to plan activities to show of your town, it is maybe a little too presumptuous to plan every day down to the hour. It is possible (even likely) that your visitor may be wanting to catch up with another acquaintance, or have somewhere they want to go. It's always nice to explore on your own, so don't be an over planner. No one likes an over planner.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Man Buns.

Why are men wearing their hair in buns these days? I seemed to have missed the memo outlining this look and the reason behind it. Guess everyone wants to look like a ballerina. Glad I'm not the only one.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Is Bob Dylan terrible live?

Last night I saw my lover Bob Dylan again. He was wonderful. Such a babe. The weird folk death metal growl is the work of a 69 years 11 month old man, who still smokes a pack a day, but his snappy dressing and being a good little dancer (he thrusted!) more than made up for it. This show was a much different experience from the first time I saw him, when I pilgrimed to Wales on my own, and when he walked on stage to my front-frow-slightly-left-of centre position that I lined up since breakfast for, it was a religious experience. Nein for this time. I went with the boyf and my visiting friend, casually arriving at 730 to get food and booze, and head to our seats in the front area. It was fantastic.

I am often puzzled by people who say they saw him and were disappointed. One of the reasons giving for why awful he is life is his voice, the new gruff sound he has. Weeeellll..... its not really that new, he is nearly 70, and, to be fair, he was never really an amazing singer, even when he was 23. I mean, also, if you are going to his concert, you have probably heard his latest album, which features the new gruff in all its glory, so I fail to see how punters are not aware.  Its like when I went to Britney Spears, and there were all these reports about people walking out because she mimed. Um, do you live under a rock?

Another reason trotted out is that he doesn't play all his hits and/or if he does, they sound different. Again, this isn't something new. Bob Dylan has constantly evolved, so, if you go and see him in 2011, you are seeing Bob Dylan of 2011, not 1965. If you are really that much of a fan to spend $175 on a ticket, you probably know the words to a fair few amount of songs, so can understand which song he is performing, and appreciate the new arrangement. Perhaps these people just want him to be the way they see him on DVDs. Perhaps those people would be better watching DVD than complaining.

I thought he was great, and my companions agreed. He wasn't the 25 year old he was in 1966, but yet, I didn't feel the need to yell out Judas, and complain that it isn't 40 years ago.

Still love him/want to marry ♥

Monday, April 11, 2011

Autumn Trends.

I am pretty much dying for this look. I want to look like a chic hobo doctor in the park. Will probably be my look for autumn. Amazing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Positively Skating.

I want a skating dress like this. Fo shiz.

Adult skating is a weird thing. Your body doesn't work the way it used to (and if you are like me, it is somewhat larger), however, your mind works better. Having a better sense of what your body is doing is an advantage, especially with the little things... jump landings, spin entrances etc. It is kind of annoying that I never watched The Secret as a teenager, and spent my sleepless night visualising axels that float, instead of listening to Neon Ballroom and writing angsty letters to Daniel Johns. He never even replied. 

There are so many things as an adult skater that don't bother you as much. Well, they don't bother me as much anyway. No parents at the boards, freezing and spending their retirement fund on your dream. The sly sideways glances from would be competition to put you off.  No fretting that you don't have the same skating get-up as the other kids. I enjoy my fingerless leather gloves from Dangerfield with the bows on them, and wearing a full face of make up to the rink. You compete in makeup, why not train in makeup. I hate that girls that do sport have to look "sporty"... 


So train in makeup I do. Red lipstick, big hair (no side pony though. wah!), fingerless leather gloves with bows on them. Today I felt I made my first real progress in Melbourne. Doing axels at proper speed across the ice makes me happy. Its been about a decade. I have been thinking music to skate to, for when I return to competition. The music cuts have been selected, they just need to be put together. Creepy Carnival. On ice. Going to be amazing. Just need to visualise.

Pretty In Pink

At around 3am Sunday morning at Yah Yahs, I announced this was my favourite song.

I may have been correct. Enjoy ♥