Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to fly budget.... and not go crazy...

If you are like me, and like to save money, then you have probably been tempted to fly budget airlines before. They temp you in with their low fares and Friday Frenzy sales, then hit you in the face with cramped seating, expensive snacks and boxes of Krispy Kremes taking over the over head luggage department... Still its cheap, and with a little consideration, does not have to be all bad.

Snacks: Unless you are flying a long haul, chances are you don't need to eat on the plane (or at the airport for that matter) anyway. People tend to eat while flying to combat boredom, however it is really bad for your wallet, and waist line. Most of the snacks on planes are high salt, which, if you are anything like me, is not going to help with the puffiness that comes along from being in the air. If you really do need to snack, take something with you, and just buy a big bottle of water once you go through security. Water is essential.

Alcohol: I have never understood the getting "smashed on a plane" thing. Again, I guess its combats boredom, but for me, I can't think of anything worse than drinking an over priced house wine, whilst being confined to a small space followed up by the inevitable mid flying/landing hangover. Most people that fly and get drunk become unattractive also. Its really not a good look. If you are going to get drunkard on a flight, don't fly budget. The amount of cash you are going to spend on Bundy & Coke cans will more than surpass the difference in flying a proper airline.

Getting on the plane: Paying for speedy boarding is a waste of money. As long as you are at the gate at the time you are supposed to, you will get on the plane. I do enjoy watching everyone RUN across the tarmac, as if rushing towards the plane will get you a better seat. You're seat is designated. Stop running fool! Get to the airport on time, and go straight from security to water bottle purchase to gate and wait. I have witnessed many a budget flight take off without half its customers, so be on time. Actually be early.

Luggage: Make the most of your carry on. If its just a short trip, I wouldn't even bother with big luggage. My flight to Perth last week was one of the easiest things I ever did, one small case to put in the over head lockers, and my hand bag. Remember, you can take 10kg on the plane, so better to put all your weighty items in there, instead of having to pay excess luggage if your checked case goes over. Don't be a douche though. It is pretty obvious what a carry on bag is, so don't try to take a full sized case on the plane. I don't get why people don't make use of being able to put smaller bags under the seat ahead. Much more convenient to have your "entertainment" bag in a position that is easy to reach, and not have to annoying everyone else around you when you want to get your laptop/ipod/speakers/magazine etc.

Clothes: If you are struggling to have your case meet the weight requirements, wear all your heaviest things. I did a flight from Berlin to Rome wearing 2 coats, boots, 2 jumpers, a pair of pants and a skirt. Yes, I was uncomfortable, but I didn't have to pay extra baggage. However, if you are traveling lightly (as i prefer to do these days) wear something cute but comfy. No point looking like a slob, but, its not really the occasion for restrictive short dresses either.

Dealing with Idiots: Working at the airport, and being a frequent flyer has taught me a few things. Mostly, people are idiots at airports. They really are. Normal civilians become jerks once they go through those security gates. Like those people that stand up as soon as the plane stops, then have to remain standing whinging for the next 7 minutes whilst the stairs are attached to the door way. Stay seated! Or owners of children who turn a blind eye to their brats kicking the back of the seat. These sorts will be everywhere, Krispy Kreme munching impatient parents (Sharlynion-Jayddeeé anyone) are all over budget flights. Just ignore them. Listen to your tunes and relax.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss You Nicole Richie

Whilst I'm v happy for Nicole Richie to have her life in order, a family and a fashion line etc, I kind of miss back when she gave a big fuck you to everyone who called her chubby, when she lost seemingly half her body weight, and hired Rachel Zoe to look like the style icon of the decade.

Mob Nonna


Nice shoes
(who is her friend... should have hired Zoe also)

What a babe.

Miss you Nicole Richie

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I grew flowers!!!

Look at these daffodils that I grew* in my courtyard. BEST! Daffodils are a superior flower, they look like a trumpet, and according the Disney's Alice In Wonderland, they also talk/sing. Amaze.

*By grew I mean randomly appeared one day. Yay for Carlton!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Public Service Announcment

Since when did it become normal to not check the signature on a credit card. Sure, I mean, its actually a debit card, and if some hipster grifter is going to steal it, they are going to be able to swipe about $17.80 worth of goodies, but really, it only takes a minute...

Come on shop keeps, check those signatures!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Mao

Wonderful. She is looking good ♥

It begins...

The 2011/2012 figure skating season has (kind of) started again, with the fist unveiling of new programs at summer competitions. Above is Mira Nagasu's long program from this weekend. Lets discus...

This is clearly not an amazing performance, not only were the jumps a bit squeaky, she tripped in the step sequence. Although it is common for her to make silly errors, one hoped that not going to worlds because of a dodgy spin earlier in the year would have made her work on this. Although, I'm guessing that at this stage it is a conditioning issue.  It is early in the season though, and she has just come back from Japan. Her dress is wonderful. A lovely addition to our sport. (Channeling Peggy)