Friday, March 30, 2012

Round One.... FIGHT!

Last night world championships properly started with the ladies short progam. I am still waiting for the internet in my new apartment to be connected, so I had to made do with refreshing the ISU results screen. My life is hard.

Elena Leonova -1st

I dont even know what to say about this... other than I actually laughed while watching it, and she is in the lead. So much pirate!!! I like how she goes from being a sexy wench to a drunken buccaneer in the step sequence. The slowness of the spins is obviously representing pulling up on the shore... before the pirate suicide. ARRGG!!!

Kanako Murakami- 2nd

I love this girl. She is so much more mature than last year, although, she is still quite Hello Kitty. Solid elements, although I'd wager her jump technique gives Shin Amano nightmares. A skater who clearly does a beillman to gain points, not because it adds anything to the programm. Get rid of the over the boot tights. Good skate though. Proud of her.

Carolina Kostner - 3rd

Looking like a sexy bumblebee is the favourite, Carolina Kostner of Italy. Big first jump. Lost her given lead with the doubling of her loop. I like that she owns having the longest legs in the competition by wearing a non existent skirt. You know those people that have no interest in fashion, and just wear clothes because it is illegal to be naked? Carolina is that way with the skirt... can't skate in a leotard... lets ad 2 inches of frill too it. She is growing on me though. Her layback makes me cry.

Mao Asada- 4th

Oh Mao. How I love you. I don't understand why she is going for the triple axel. It must be all about honour now, because, it's not consistent, and one can only imagine what place she would be in without a fall.  Spins and spirals are beautiful. As usual, her dress is a hot mess. I do love her being a little genie. Very kwaii.

Ashely Wagner - 8th

The top US gal shows us what she is made of. I was kind of hoping she would being it, but, much more of the same old same old. Ditch the over the boots. She is someone I find hard to coment on. I usually forget her programs 5 seconds after I stop watching them though. Hope she can pull up in the LP.

Alissa Czisny - 16th

I dont even know what to say about this. She is very pretty. And her dress is nice. Best spins in the world, hands down.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mao Asada Has Arrived At Worlds.. And Other News

Mao (and the rest of the Japanese ladies) have offically arrived in Nice for the World Championships. Praying my internet is connected by tomorrow night so that I can watch the short programs live.

In other news, my favourite lady of the qualifying round, Clara Peters, has made it through to the short program with a performance full of double jumps. Take that CoP!! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Begins!

Today, it begins. World Championships. Well, the preliminary rounds anyway, which, is kind of my favourite bit. Time for Mao to be Queen again. I don't have the internet to watch it live on. This makes me sad.

my life is hard. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miss You Davy Jones

Miss you Davy Jones. 

You made me a believer. 

Fairwell Summer.... Hello Autumn

The sun has gone, the rain is here, and I'm dressed like a psychedelic cowboy. Happy Autumn!