Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miss You 1998 (part 1)

You are right Ben Lee, they will kill you. Gosh I loved him.

Miss you drawing black glittery circles around my eyes. A classic look.

How much did I want to date Dylan Lewis a be Jane Gazzo? Or at least have her hair. Nothing I like more than crazy coloured buns. 

So much style in this video. Entire cast dressed by the Salvation Army.

2 Buckle Dr Marten mary janes... does one need to say more. 

The 90210 of the late 90's. So much angst. So much cheek highlighter. 

The greatest musical scene from a teen soap. More angst in this scene than the
rest of the series. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Friends And I Are Funny.

"I couldn't afford Pine-O-Clean, so I had to clean the kitchen with my Marc Jacobs body wash."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here's Johnny!

A couple of clips of Johnny Weir training a quad. Good to see him being serious about his come back. He makes me feel lazy. I need to work on my triple *cough* double *cough* double toe.

Good work Johnny. Imagine if he actually made it to Sochi. I'm all for 30 year old skaters

Monday, April 2, 2012

And This Years New Queen Is....

Carolina Kostner of Italy!

This program really grew on me over the season. Not overly keen on the catsuit (call me old fashioned, but I like the ladies in in a dress), the the program is wonderful, and really felt this by the end. Good work Carolina, you are finally queen.

Skating to Requiem For A Dream, with makeup and arm flailing that could have only been inspired by the people in the gutter, is Elena Leonova in second. I love that she isn't 12 and her sheer determination got her through. Its a shame about the brown boots. I was really wanting a white boot podium. I actually kinda like the hooker eye make up.... hobo chic!

Akiki Suzuki from Japan rounds off the podium. At 27 years old, she is a true inspiration. Did she borrow Yuna's dress from the Olympics? Who cares, it looks great on her. Amazing to see her on the podium.

Americas "Almost Girl" almost made the podium. Almost is pretty good though when its worlds. Skating to Swan Lake... umm ahem... "Black Swan" she flapped her way to being the US's best gal. She is starting to grow on me a bit more. Her layback is nice... I've never really noticed it before. Has Mr Nicks gone crazy with the bronzer? I love that man, but he looks like a mandarin! Get rid of those tights... imagine those pointed toes in white boots... dream.

Hello Kitty (Kanako Murakami) wearing the most A-Mazing blue shade in the world ended up in 5th.  This girl makes me happy, but her jump technique makes me cringe. I fear she will have similar problems to Mao in the future. She has matured so much though, and Is a lovely girl to watch.

My beautiful Chairman Mao.. what can I say. I love that dress! Her fake boob illusion is much more realistic in this dress, and the colour is georgeous. I wish there was a lyrical component score. A few little, but costly mistakes, but, one must remember the tragedy this girl has suffered in the last few months, and the fact she even chose to see the season out shows great honour and courage.  ♥

There is little to say. Her spins are fantastic and her face is beautiful. I truly hope she is ok.