Sunday, October 7, 2012

Japan Open - Mao's return (and others)

As the season slowwwwwlly gets underway (come on Grand Prix!!) Mao Asada made her dabute other the weekend with a new program. Whilst I am NEVER fan of Swan Lake, I do love this program. It must be acknowledged how good Mao is looking. And not a chiffon breast in sight!
I am unsure as to why there are two camel spin combo and no lay back.. perhaps this was an error, as she received 0 for the second one (can't repeat a spin). Either way, fantastic start to the year. Love you Mao ♥

The US's top lady came out wearing yellow. Canary yellow. Girl is looking strong also. Hideous dress aside, this is also pretty good. She and John Nicks are a good team, and she certainly is becoming a California blonde!

Japans second lady came out dressed like a bird also. I have always thought that peacock feathers were bad luck, and perhaps they were today. Word on the street is Akiko started skating in the wrong direction by accident after a spin, and consequently had to do the rest of the program the wrong way around. V confusing.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mao Skates to Swan Lake

It looks like our favourite gal is skating to Swan Lake this year. Whilst I am never a fan of flapping arms and tired old war horses, if anyone can do this justice, I think Mao can.

Can't wait for Japan Open next week.

I shall be eating katsu curry to bring her luck ^_^

Monday, October 1, 2012

Double Trouble - Elvis Makes A Movie # 24

There are few things in live that I love more than an Elvis film... and right up there is Double Trouble, the 24th film in Elvis's string of cinematic masterpieces.

Things that I love about this film:

♥ Elvis's cut out waist coats that make him appear to bearing a large cumber bun
♥ Elvis's characters name is Guy. GUY!!!!!
♥ Guy is neither a race car driver, diver or surfer. He is just a musician.
♥ His love interest is a 17 year old girl... much like real life!

On the topic of Elvis and such, how much does Priscilla Presley look like Khloe Kardashian.