Sunday, May 12, 2013

The 90s.... A cruel cruel time.

In 1996 a Western Australian news paper published an article about the "perfect thigh". It detailed what were the perfect measurement for said thigh (and rest of the leg), naming the magical number at 42 cm. At 12 years old, with thighs that were far from "perfect" this was crushing.

But hey, this was the 90s, and whilst many may fuss over having a thigh gap* these days (or only wanting someone with a thigh gap...) the last decade of the 20th century was not kind to women who weren't Kate Moss.

Its hard to not believe the hype, especially for one so young. And on that note, I would like to apologise to the following ladies for believing them to fat in the 90s.

Poor Ginger Spice received probably the most uncalled for fat remarks. Clearly not fat. 

Looking pretty banging in the Say You'll Be There clip (a peronal favourite). 
Seriously, the issue here is not body mass, its just that she was just wearing underpants - always.

On that note, I unfairly branded poor Emma Bunton as less than desirable. 
Um, can I look like that now, please? 

(I die for this hair/makeup)

Melissa Joan Hart faired unfairly also. 
Not just from me however, poor Sabrina was a  constant target for fat jokes from 15 year old boys from the school yard. Because, you know, they would have totally turned her down. 

Melissa's biggest issue was that her look was too much like Britney Spears'. And those crazy turn of the century tinted glasses 

Finally, that babe Alicia Silverstone. This is 90's fattism at its worse. 

Seriously, amazing.

*thigh gaps make me laugh. especially as they are only possible for those with wider (!!!!) hips. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Downton Abbey.

This week I took upon the arduous task of getting into Downton Abbey.
Like most "marathoning challanges" I threw my self into it, having completed 3 seasons
and two Christmas specials. It is the best.

Apparently now I have to wait until September like a commoner to see the new season.

Maggie Smith would not be pleased.

Meanwhile, who weird is it to see our favourite Lord's and Ladies dressed in attire from this century.

Oh Daisy, that midrift is pure scandal! 

Please come soon September.