Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Friends And I Are Funny

Naturopath "Perhaps just cut down by one glass of wine?"

Moloko "The thing is, I count in bottles."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Justin Bieber... Oh My!

Being the mob nonna age that I am, I have managed, and quite easily I might add, to avoid any sort of Bieber Fever. Pretty much the only thing I know about him is he dates Selena Gomez (ultimate babe). Oh, and he sings. But what does he sing?

I was so unaware of Bieber, living the jingle jangle folk world that I do. Having only heard the chorus of Beauty and a Beat* I thought it was actually a Skrillex tune.

Sorry Sonny.

Miss you Sonny/Emily.

*I thought it was "Beauty and a Bee". Actually.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Lessons from Beverly Hills (Nein Oh Two Won Oh)

It is rarely disputed that I have superior taste in television. Beverly Hill 90210 has been one of my favourite TV shows since I was 7 years old, hiding under my Nannie and Papa's table while my family ate family dinner, watching without the fear of embarrassment of all the make out scenes. Seeing that there few things in life that I love more than a marathon, I figured it was time to watch my beloved 90210 from beginning to the end - something I actually never did in the 90's (too much skating for teen soaps!)

Pity I never did watch it all the way through back then. So many life lessons. And whilst I am currently only have way through season 6, perhaps it is time to explore some of these lessons.

1) It is totally ok to steal your best friends boyfriend.
The Brenda/Kelly/Dylan triangle was one of the best in TV history. But really, how was this even a triangle? Kelly straight up stole him, that blonde thief! Not even the virtuous Donna seemed to think that this behaviour was wrong.

2) If you "want to wait" your boyfriend will cheat on you. 
Sorry Donna, you didn't put out, so your boyfriend(s) found someone who would.

3) After high school, you will all still be together.
Despite the hang making plans to go to colleges across country or travel after high school, they all end up and the fictitious California University. Pfft, who is going to go to the Ivy League when you can go to a college that doesn't even exist.

4) If you have a drink, you will crash your car/end up in jail/be suspended from school.
Bad things happen to people who have a drink on BH. The beer there is even magical, it makes you hallucinate after a 6 pack. WOO!

5) Punishments are actually rewards.
Who is going to follow the rules (or the law) when breaking them gets you a trip to Paris/London? Those Walshes, experts in parenting.

Aaron Spelling... what do you have in store for us next?