Monday, January 12, 2015

Californiaaaaa…. Californiaaaaaa (The O.C vs Sleep)

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After endless days of laying in the sun, drinking, eating and generally being merry, it is time to return back to my remedial (aka not so remedial) life. This does not mean I have to stop marathoning The O.C, a show so amazing, despite me wanting to constantly shake most of the characters and yell "what is wrong with you???", that I will exchange endless hours of box set for sleep. 
Why does Seth keep lying to Summer?  Why does Marissa keep spending too much time with men (boys?) that aren't Ryan? Why does Ryan keep punching people?  

Marissa has been dead for almost 9 years (spoiler alert), so time to put on your low slung jeans and settle down with Sandy Cohen's eye brows for some mid decade decadence. 

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